Sunday, October 31, 2010


("jgn tinggalkn org yg syg kite untuk org yg kite syg............... kerana mungkin org yg kite syg akan tinggalkn kite untuk org yg die syg..................... so sad :(  "..)..??


Ade sesape tau x maksudnyer??..sumone wrote on his wall..then he is my "L***"..act..then i xtau ape makne die ckp cm tu..did he pointing at me??i just confuse ..owh GOD..please, tell him dat i L*** feel sad just nw..i feel broken..btl ke die ikhlas dgn lyn??hope so..dun broke my heart  twice dear..:(.. 


this is my heart

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Thursday, October 28, 2010


hrmm..ari nie nk kongsi ape yg lyn impi2 kan..
1st thing is bout my bezday 6/nov..myb this year to saD kowt..
huhu..that is wut i feEl...just now...hrm, da 2 thn kowt x celeb wit loVer or Fwen..
lover??..mmg xder laa..huhu..fWen??sume Bz dgn their nk
hope on this year miracle will haPpen lah..celeb my buzday kat rumah pown xkesah..hehe
tp yg best celeb with fwen and L** lg syok..last buzday wat kat 'aLoha'..ok2 laa..xharapkan yg best..sempoi2  jer da la.huhu..(^_^)..klw xder pown xper la..atleas nk the best wishes 4 me..xoxoxoxo...

party last 3 years..
nk g Sni!!

2nd thing is..lyn da lame nk g 1 tmpt nie..act lyn ske xder partner
hrmm..lyn da lame nk g sunway dgn ehem2..
tp tu sume xkan jd..sbb sume kwn ehem2 lyn xske sad x??
nk chill out dgn fwen g sunway?mmg msing2 jwp yg sme sengkek..apekah??haha..
hrmm g last lyn g pown last 3 years tu pown ms ad event "ROXY SUMMER SPLASH "
sbb lyn fan ROXY..sukee!!!..huhu..

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Heart Feels Heavy~

For those fwen yg bc nie..
hati mmg susah nak bc kan??..huhu..(sad+happy) thats my mud lately...
knp yer klw settle 1 prob mesti ad prob yg bru dtg??ble nk relax jer..dtg jer...hehe.. klw layan boley jd gile..huuhu..(^_^)....hrmmm..once pernah dgr ta this word "Kite akan rase dihargai bila org yg kite syg ditinggalkan"??mase bsame dulu kite ta pernah rs dihargai??..tu la yg berlaku pada diri ini..ceh..jiwang mmg tu yg jd laa....entah laa..then betul ke (setiap pertemuan mestikah ade perpisahan )??(menci la word perpisahan nie) sad..(+_+)...


" Your loved one does look down upon you, he is there guiding you and surrounding you even though you do not sense him.I understand your loss, your grief and your unending pain. Nothing can give solace to your grief, nothing. You can only cherish the love, memories and be blessed by lessons learned.Complete closure will never occur, accept that and find a "forever place" in your heart and soul for him. Smile frequently because of him. Be honored you were close to him."

God Bless hunny. 

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bad Day Vs Gud Day..

 Bad Day:

Ari nie cm malas sngt nk wat keje..bnyak sangt yg nk kene follow up..
huhuu..rase cn nk balik xper laa..layankan jer..

At the same time my L**..nk jmp..bru blik kl..miz him so much..huhu
lunch same2 myb..huhu..

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Monday, October 25, 2010


bersame bestfwen kuh..Farah Wahidah..hehe
ari2 keje kami snap pic,FB,dgr lagu..then bru follow up kerje..hehe
bosan2 lepak..tido..hehe..sonok..kadng2 wat xtau jer..hihih..tgk la..muke bebudak die tu
hahaha..comey x??

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HaNgOuT tIme~..23/10/10..

With my dearest gurlfwen..hahah..mmg kelakar time nie.msing2 malas nk drive..konon2 nk jd boss laa.
huhuh..i bwk mesti terlaju.break emergency..then jaja bwk mesti mati engine..hihih..yana..mmg takut nk bwk manual....time nie OTW g amik pic convo dulu..huhihih..mmg sesat laa..g sekyen 24 shah alam....
hampir 3 jm jgk laa..then smpai jgk..smpt la snap pic..huh..(^_^)..

pas 2 kitorg g round2 da curve..singgah dlu kat ikea lalal..jaja nk bli cermin la plak..huhu..
pusing2 cri pasal..then boring lepak mum dlu..perut lapa ..mcm2 ade nie..
huhu..penat jenjalan..lepak umah yana..chill smpai blik..kene blik awl nk rest cukup2..
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