Friday, January 7, 2011

~Seeking The Perfect BoyFriend~

Hye, today i wanna share u how to judge ur love...thats my suggestion..(^_^)..and i've dream of..(hope my dream my dream turned into reality )

The Perfect BoyFriend.

He would scream “I Love you“down the halls not caring who heard him. He’d go on a walk with me in 60 degree weather, hot cocoa in one hand & my hand in his other. He’d sing out loud to any song even if I call him retarded. He let’s me sing out loud and wont call me weird. He’ll sit outside with me on my front step because there’s nothing to do and won’t say he’s bored once. He’ll let me look like crap wearing a big shirt and shorts and still calls me beautiful. He’d come to my house at nine in the morning to wake me up on the weekends. He won’t be shy around my family but acts like he’s part of it. He’ll argue with my friends that he loves me more. He’ll keep every single promise he makes. He’d run up and hug me whenever he sees me. He won’t be scared to dance in front of me or act retarded. He’ll spend my birthday with me and all day long. He’d rent all the chick flicks he knows of and watch them with me when I’m insidesick.He picks his friends over me sometimes. He’ll remember our anniversaries before I do. He’ll call me at night right before I go to bed just so he knows he’s the last voice I hear. He’d push my hair away when it’s in my face. He’ll carry my stuff at college even if he ready has 2 carry on his stuff to. He wears my favorite shirt of his every Monday. A boy who won’t ask me what’s wrong when I look sad, he’ll just kiss me on he’s freezing and won’t make me feel guilty about it. He’d never get jealous because he already knows I love him more then anything and when he says FOREVER, he means it no matter what (:..Love Lynda.

Also the perfect boyfriend would:

·       Give her one of your t-shirt to sleep in.
·       Leave her cute texts.
·       Tell her, she looks beautiful not howt.
·       Look into her eyes when you talk to her.
·       Let her mess with your hair.
·       Touch her hair.
·       Looks at her like she’s the only girl you see.
·       Just walk around with her.
·       Forgive her for her mistakes.
·       Let her fall and let her tease you back.
·       Stay up all night with her when she’s sick.
·       When she starts creasing at u, tell he u love her.
·       Watch he favorite movie with her.
·       Let her wear your clothes.
·       When she’s sad, hang out with her.
·       Let her know she’s important.
·       Kiss her in the pouring rain.
·       When you fall in love with her, tell her.
·       When you tell her, love her like you’re never loved someone before.
·       Lastly, when she run up at u crying the first thing u says is “who’s ass am I beating today?’.

p/s: Letih Gak la type nie..hiuhi..
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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hye, today sy nk kongsikan ..huhuh iaitu: Tips "KEPERIBADIAN ANDA"..
tp sy punyer laa, tapi kan mesti korg pown ad hal2 keperibadian sendiri kan..keperibadian sy adalah seperti berikut:

Orang lain melihat anda sebagai seorang bijaksana,perihatin,hati-hati dan praktis.mereka melihat anda cerdas,berbakat,tetapi rendah hati.Bukan seseorang yang terlalu cepat atau mudah membuat jalinan hubungan, tetapi anda adalah seseorang yang sangat setia pada satu  perhubungan(LOver laa),yang dijalin dan seseorang yang mengharap kesetiaan itu dibalas.itulah yg membuat seseorang tahu siapa sesungguhnya anda, orang tahu hal ini dapat menruntuhkan kepercayaan anda pada teman anda,dan sama halnya juga akan memerlukan waktu yg sngt lama untuk meyakinkan jika kepercayaan anda pernah dikhianati.

 p/s:Well guys sume tu ad dalam diri sy, dat is me..
         slalu ditipu and sad!!

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