Thursday, November 11, 2010

obvious ~ ...


hye there..ari nie lynn nk shared fav music lynn...INNA ROMANIA..

suke sngt die so inna nie...lagu2 pown sngt best..lyric lagu tu
cnth HOT,SUN IS UP...yg lain tu so so~ je...lynn ske die sbb lagu die n org nyer..sweet,sexy, luscious huhu....inna nie ala2 latin..gurl..lynn ske kulit org latin sexy seyh..heheh..xputih xgelap sngt laa..huuhu...n sexy is me..hehhe..




*P/S: That is basically  wut im~..hehehe..=)
xleyh shared byk2..cket2 jer.huhu..


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